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This report includes information from a range of sources about your target website’s on and off-site health.

All information in the report is manually identified, reviewed, and sorted to ensure top quality.

Our team is well-known for our exhaustive manual audits, complete with a front-page priority list to ensure you have clear line of sight to the items that will move the needle for your target site.

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A manual walkthrough, also known as a manual site audit, is a great way to identify the top issues affecting your site. On-site optimizations are a great way to nudge your site higher in the search results, or identify core issues that are holding the site back.

These walkthroughs will provide you with a strong path forward for determining the worth of existing URLs, while also providing an excellent deliverable to discuss with your client.

Need help? Learn how to share your Google Business listing URL, or learn how to add a user to your Google Search Console.



What Kind of Information Can I Expect?

We utilize information from a range of sources and may not include everything listing if it is not pertinent to improving your sites health, or if the information is unavailable because of your industry or site features.

Additionally, if we do not have appropriate access to a certain property – such as Google Search Console – we will not be able to include any data in the report.

We may include information about:

  • Page speed and mobile optimization
  • CMS platform or coding language
  • Unsecure pages and invalid SSL certificates
  • Thin and duplicate content
  • Indexation issues and crawl errors
  • Missing business listing mentions
  • Mis-matched business information
  • Basic CRO optimization and site navigation
  • Sitemap and schema information
  • URLs excluded from search
  • Warnings received from Google
  • And other items…


What Properties or Tools Do You Use?

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Business
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Ahrefs Premium
  • Others depending on the site’s needs.


How Many URLs Does This Service Cover?

This service is valid for sites with 600 or fewer URLs. For larger websites, please use the contact page to receive a custom quote.

A site with more than 600 URLs is thoroughly established and will likely need attention on certain areas of the site, so it is best that we discuss the client’s problems and history as this can help expedite understanding any issues that may appear in the site results.

Additionally, over 600 URLs tends to take a significantly longer amount of time and additional resources, as sites become more complex and require more attention in crawling and identifying problems.

Other beneficial, complementary services to help you better understand your website include Keyword Research and Content Audits.

Additional information

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Digital Delivery (PDF or Word Document)


US English

Lead Time

Up to 3 Weeks (21 Days)


If you have a Google Business listing(s), you will need to share it with us. Additionally, if you would like us to analyze your Google Search Console data, we will need backend access to the property. Please use the email address Any crawl blockers should be temporarily disabled to allow us to proceed with our audit.


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