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Content audits help you discover what keywords are close to the first page for existing URLs so you can re-optimize the page and achieve better ranking and conversion success.

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The goal of a content audit is to improve your website's overall keyword footprint and traffic by making sure that you are optimizing your pages for the right terms.

This is especially important if your website has been around for a while and you haven't kept up with keyword research and optimization. This service is also highly complementary to established sites that order a manual walkthrough.

A content audit can also help you find pages that are no longer relevant to your business goals so you can remove or update them. These planners give you a strong path forward in determining the worth of your website's existing content and how to improve them.

Content audits are performed manually using data from Google Search Console, and may also take any internal conversion metrics or data that you wish to share into consideration.

You will be able to see a comprehensive overview of each URL, from target search query, search volume, current rank position, current optimization - and much more.


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