Website Analytics

Track your most important metrics to make better data-driven decisions.


What Metrics Are Important to Your Brand?

Our team provides a basic algorithm-based report to showcase how your website is ranking in the search results. From there, we tailor it to your needs.

Depending on your goals and marketing channels, we can track alternative metrics that meet those needs – such as bounce rate, user engagement time, number of calls, and other metrics.

Domain Strength

First Page Keywords

Number of Search Queries

Visitors to Website

Average Clickthrough Rate


Data At Your Fingertips

One of the primary benefits of online marketing channels is that there is plenty of data available to help you make decisions every step of the way. This is why we value a data-driven approach, as we can see how your website is performing based on the changes we make.

Additionally, tracking the data that we do during the campaign allows us to ensure that we are reaching your brand’s target audience.

If we aren’t reaching your target audience, then the traffic that we achieve isn’t valuable to your brand. This is one reason why we do not track our success based on a results-first methodology, as these strategies tend to involve striving for low-hanging fruit that provide no value to your company.

Instead, we strive to provide a strong baseline of meaningful traffic to increase your conversion rate and encourage a stronger ROI for your marketing efforts.

At Incognito Logic, we truly believe that your success is our success, which is why we take the time to set up a strong foundation with honest results and a holistic strategy tailored to your brand and online presence.

Simplified Reporting

We value being able to provide you with results that improve your quality of life and allow you to focus on your business again, which is why we distill the information at hand to a simplified format, allowing you to easily see changes to your website at a glance.

These reports allow you to keep track of your campaign progress, domain strength, and keyword progress all with simplified chart reporting.

Seasonal and eCommerce businesses will also be able to view data with a year-over-year average to review data around holidays and peak times of the year without confusion.

Reports are created and sent out on a monthly basis. If you have an ongoing SEO campaign with us, this will be provided as a part of the regular process.

If needed, we can alternatively provide reports on a quarterly basis to provide a more long-term view of how the website is performing in the search results.

Every report is provided in a powerpoint format, which can be imported into Google Slides or another .ppt friendly program for internal reporting to other departments or board members.


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