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Local SEO

86% of searchers looking for a small business click on the first few organic results when looking for a local business or service. 50% of those users look in the Map Pack to learn about nearby locations.

What could your business do with an 86% increase in customers?

Where Do I Start?

Get in touch with our team; we’ll assess where your business is now, and discuss where you want to go.

This complimentary consultation will help us create an action plan with your goals in mind.

What Metrics Do You Track?

Our goal is to always provide you with meaningful traffic, meaning not just numbers, but the right numbers that have a higher likelihood of converting to a paying customer.

We track the kind of metrics your business cares about, whether that’s email sign-ups, direct calls, website visits, or online purchases.

National SEO

To compete on a national scale, your website needs to be able to step into the spotlight from both a user engagement and algorithmic perspective.

Our time-tested, algorithm-resistant methodology will help you build on your competitive advantage.

What About International?

While we can take on websites with an international presence, we do not support websites that are based solely outside of the United States as they require different resources based on country.

Can You Rank Competitive Terms?

Yes, we can rank for terms that are considered highly competitive, and have done so in the past.

Whether it will provide the most return on investment should be investigated, however, as often more low-competition terms cast a wider net.

Timeline to rank for highly competitive terms depend on the competitiveness, your website’s current metrics, and the available budget to reach the specific goal.

eCommerce SEO

Let your online shop step into the spotlight and increase conversion rate and customer engagement times with in-depth eCom-specific methodologies from our team.

Can You Create Funnels?

Yes, we can help create funnels and landing pages for eCommerce sites as needed.

How Do I Know if I Need eCom SEO?

If your website’s primary focus is eCommerce, then this type of marketing will be best suited to your needs, taking into consideration different funnels, landing pages, and product optimization strategies.

If your primary focus is on something different, this may not be necessary; we can always blend the campaign to include eCommerce as we get closer to your primary goals.

Website Analytics

Keep track of how your website is seen in the search results and how users are interacting with your brand.

Our standard analytics reports focus on the algorithmic strength of your website, but can be adjusted to the needs of your campaign.

How Often Do You Send Reports?

All website analytics reports are sent monthly, however, we can also send quarterly reports.

What Metrics Do You Track?

We typically track metrics that tell us about how your website is ranking in the search results, and how the domain as a whole has grown in authority and strength over the campaign. DR, keyword metrics, and traffic are all common metrics we track.

If needed, we can track additional metrics according to your campaign needs.

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