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What We Do

As a premium online marketing agency, we work with you to determine your business’ goals and tailor the campaign to suit your needs, not the other way around.

Our team helps you identify goals, establish reasonable timelines, and create a roadmap to guide your marketing campaign.

Working with corporate enterprises all the way to the local diner, we are experienced in working with all types of businesses.

Our team helps you identify goals, establish reasonable timelines, and create a roadmap to guide your marketing campaign.

Working with corporate enterprises all the way to the local diner, we are experienced in working with all types of businesses.


Who We Are

Elliot Berard | Principal, SEO Strategist

Elliot has eight years of direct experience in customer acquisition for businesses of all sizes creating and improving online marketing channels, and an additional decade of experience in business management and sales prior to entering the digital space.

In 2018, his digital agency retained a focus on enterprise SEO which net $800,000 annually, garnering positive reviews and high client satisfaction from all active clients at the time the agency was sold.

In 2019, he accepted a temporary position as Chief Growth Officer at SUSO Digital, the most prolific SEO agency in the UK as the only American on staff. Within his time there, he implemented solutions to problems that would improve overall client satisfaction, improve retention, and save the company between €100-million GBP annually.

Following his success with prior agencies, he left this position to create a course teaching business owners how to find six-figure success within their own online agencies. This business has since net $1.4-million in sales entirely through the same marketing channels and methods utilized for Incognito Logic clients.

Destynnie Berard | Operations Manager, Technical SEO

Destynnie has seven years of experience in sales and creative design, with a focus on customer conversion and design management.

In 2015, she began writing for businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries. By implementing best practices for conversions into her writing, she achieved a 100% client success rating from active and returning clientele and began to branch into technical SEO.

Over the next decade, she trained and directed a team of 40+ copywriters for multiple agencies, ensuring that all content was high-quality, tailored to brand specifications, and met evolving SEO standards on a timely basis.

Additional responsibilities in this role included developing training materials, technical SEO auditing processes, and performing in-depth technical reviews and recommendations for 500+ websites.

Today, she manages the operations of Incognito Logic, as well as the content division, to ensure clients receive the highest-quality service possible.

Davison C. | Technical SEO

Davison has four years of experience in small business customer service and sales, providing him with a hands-on understanding of the effects marketing can have on a business.

Flexible in creative problem-solving, his experience in customer satisfaction enables him to see through the lens of the client and identify problems before they arise.

In 2021, he turned his attention to technical SEO auditing and research, perfect for his detail-oriented, analytical mindset to ensure clients received critical recommendations for improving their site’s health and ranking.

With this role, he has benefited businesses by addressing areas of critical concern, allowing these companies to re-allocate resources and achieve the most effective return on investment in the online space as possible.

In addition, his skill in research and attention to detail has proven indispensable to Incognito Logic clients’ marketing, providing the foundational research necessary to each campaign.

Shelby Dennis | Lead Copywriter

Shelby has seven years of experience in sales and operations management, with a focus on customer acquisition and retention.  

In 2020, she started writing for B2C and B2B businesses across a wide range of industries. She initially became known for using her management experience from several very unique niches to solve her clients’ challenges in new and creative ways. 

Since then, she’s continued to pursue certifications and further education to constantly hone her skills. As the daughter of two successful small business owners, she knows the value of staying relevant and constantly evolving in an ever-changing landscape. 

Today, she approaches every project with a focus on staying conversational and engaging while weaving in SEO best practices. When she isn’t writing high-quality custom content, she’s learning more about technical SEO or creative new ways to convert prospects into customers. 


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