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Keyword research is essential to your business’ overall digital marketing strategy. By understanding what keywords your customers are searching for, you can tailor your website content, ad campaigns, site hierarchy, and social media outreach to better attract them.

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This keyword research will help you assess the industry from a top-down perspective, providing you with weighted difficulty and volume, complete with recommendations for the initial content planners.

There are a few ways to conduct keyword research. The most important part is to make sure you are using the right tools and that nothing is automated, as third-party algorithms can be sloppy at predicting topical relevance.

Our team conducts manual keyword research and provides you these topics in a list based on keyword neighborhoods and topical relevancy.

Keyword research can be used to generate content that will rank better in the SERPs when combined with quality conversion-based writing and matched to the term's user intent.

This keyword research can be generated for your client's current relevancy as well as future goals, creating terms based on competitor data.

This service is an excellent starting point for new and established clients alike. Established clients may also benefit from a manual walkthrough.

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Please note that hyper-local keyword research can be difficult to gather data on, so non-local terms that appear in the sheet can be estimated at 5-10% of searcher volume and difficulty on average for large cities. We typically do not recommend keyword research for local sites that are not yet established.


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