Content Planning

Plan your brand’s messaging with content planning services designed to evaluate available data and provide maximum SEO benefits.


Superior Content & Advice

The first step to an amazing brand image excellent SEO results is through planning.

By planning your content with us, you’ll not only know what Google is rewarding your top competitors for currently, but you’ll also have a better vision of the final product.

Short, Concise Content Briefs

Topical Recommendations

Writer-Friendly Format

Zero Unexplained Jargon

Real Competitor Data


Down to the Details

Our content planners provide a bird’s eye view of what to write and how to write it.

We plan everything down to the details, helping you ensure that your SEO strategy is water-tight.

Having us write it for you? These planners give you an opportunity to review before it goes into production.

Don’t have a team of writers on staff, or don’t have the time to write it yourself? No problem!

We have a team of experienced SEO copywriters who can produce it for you.

These professionals provide top-quality, well-researched content with all the right ingredients for a great SEO-optimized piece.

Content planning services are ideal for webpages, short lead magnets, articles, blog articles, and guides.



Follow the Data

Don’t leave your content production to chance; look at what works.

Each planner provides a general topic guideline for writers to follow, the target keyword, internal links, LSI keywords, keyword variations, H tag recommendations, and many other online metrics that Google is currently rewarding competitors for in the same space.

The result is high-quality content that answers user intent and matches what Google is currently rewarding, all while producing helpful and original content for your brand presence. 

Once we do the research and produce your content planner(s), we deliver them directly to you for greenlight.

During this approval stage, you have the option to omit or add any relevant brand or topical information to help guide the writer through the process.

After the edited planners are sent back or the planners are approved as-is, content production can begin.

If you are utilizing your own team of writers, our quality-control team is happy to review published content and ensure that it is up to the standards of the SEO campaign and has all necessary elements for optimization.

By utilizing our in-house team of writers, the content is done for you, passing through quality control stages with all necessary elements.

When the finalized content is published, we can proceed with additional optimization steps to fine-tune the piece’s efficacy in the search results.

As a business owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details of your business.

It can often seem like you’re wearing too many hats, filling all necessary roles at any given time.

At Incognito Logic, we help take some of that weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the big-picture of your business start enjoying what you do.

Our team will take care of the marketing and planning for you.

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