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Holistic Content Strategy for Algorithms & Audience

It’s a delicate balance between satisfying the algorithm and engaging users.

Fortunately, there’s no need to choose between the two with our thoughtful content marketing strategy.

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SEO Content Optimization

Content optimization is a part of a strong SEO campaign, enabling your content to compete with top-ranking sites for any given search query. We discern what Google is currently rewarding for these target terms, and help tailor published content to those criteria.

How Does This Help?

Even if your content was created with SEO in mind, the algorithm may be currently rewarding content that has certain additional words or phrases associated with it.

We ensure your content matches the recommendations for what is currently competitive, as search engines will see this as content tailored to answering user questions.

Can Content Be Over-Optimized?

Yes, it can. We do our best to optimize while understanding that optimization tools will not be reviewing other factors that search engines take into account. We strive to balance user engagement, readability, content quality and algorithmic optimization in one.

Content Planning Services

A well-rounded content plan is important for any aspect of marketing and brand messaging, whether you are focused on search engine optimization, or social media management. We help you create a cohesive, brand-relevant content plan so you’re never at a loss for ways to interact with your audience.

Can You Content Plan for Multimedia?

While our standard content planning services are reserved for written articles and webpages, we can help create video and audio scripts based on your marketing needs.

How Does Your Team Identify Topics?

For SEO campaigns, we use keyword research to inform us of content planning topics.

Content Creation Services

Don’t have a fulfillment team? We have a team of writers with over a decade of experience in writing content of all types.

We can provide content creation services for email funnels, to landing pages, video scripts, articles, webpages, and more.

Do You Have Niche-Specific Experts?

We do not keep niche-specific experts on our team. While our copywriters are skilled at researching and detail-oriented in creating engaging copy, we recommend that you make review the copy before publishing it on-site to make any changes to facts and figures or brand language. Alternatively, we can discuss SEO optimization or copyediting content that your team writes in-house.

What About Video Creation?

While we can help you plan video creation, we typically recommend that this is done in-house to showcase your brand experts. We can provide more generalized video creation, however, like whiteboard animations.

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