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Content planners include useful information for the writer – including how many links, of what type, word count, target keyword, as well as suggested headings and subheadings. LSI keywords and target word count are also important information included in each brief. Typically, content planners are informed by your Keyword Research.

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Content planners feature an integrated blog post strategy, metadata optimization, link acquisition opportunities, and more. This allows us to deliver a well-rounded SEO plan for a single URL that hits every mark: what users are searching for, and what Google wants to see in order for your website to rank higher. Don't have a content writer? We can help.

This data is compiled based on keyword research which we provide, or can be created standalone from keyword research. All we need is a key term that you want to rank for.

Each content planner is crafted based on user intent, as well as your competitors’ current ranking success. The first step is to look at what users are searching for when entering in your target term. This helps us match their needs with the content on your site. We also look at your competition to see what they are doing well, and where there are opportunities for you to outrank them.

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