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A site hierarchy helps your users navigate your website with ease and informs Google about your website’s topical relevance. Site hierarchies use the keyword research to inform the business’ purpose and offering. This document will help you shape your website with SEO in mind, starting your website off with an ideal internal linking strategy.

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A site hierarchy is a great way to establish a new internal linking strategy based on new keyword research or topical relevance.

Composed of parent and child pages, the site hierarchy defines how the navigation menu should be presented and where these pages should internally link to each other, as Google crawls these links quickly.

Once indexed and ranking, the navigation menu can be re-arranged with a minimized drop in ranking for these pages.

This document is a suggestion based on the keyword research and can a be modified to fit your business’ language and branding best. These documents follow hierarchy best practices, including shallow navigation structures to prevent click depths of 4+. Pre-existing pages can also be fit into the site hierarchy or in separate areas of the navigation menu after delivery.

All items in the site hierarchy should link to and from their connected pages.

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Site Hierarchy is dependent on keyword research and must have this prior to beginning work. Please note that site hierarchy can include current pages, and page titles can be modified to better suit your business' brand language so long as each key term remains in the title.


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