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Editing content blindly? Just published new content that you want to target for ranking? Let us help.

Once content is published on-site, our team can provide you with additional optimizations with tool assistance.

Using the target keyword, this tool allows us to see what the top 10 competitors are being rewarded for in the search results. Then, we can edit your existing content to ensure that it matches these conditions while balancing user engagement and readability.

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Our team strives to provide optimized edits that help your page be seen as an authoritative resource to ranking algorithms, while still retaining a high readability and strong user engagement. This is ideal for pages that are identified in content audits as needing optimization. Copywriting services may also be beneficial.

These edits include small tweaks within the content, like the inclusion of LSI keywords in place of or in addition to other terms, or the exclusion of over-optimized words and terms that appear in the content too often.

Edits will be delivered in a word document with suggestions for the content body, page title, and subheadings on page.

Please ensure that the target keyword is an exact match to what you want the page optimized for, as this is important in optimizing for the right queries.


What if the Word Count is Low?

Should your page require a significant amount of content to fulfill the target word count, we will pause edits and let you know.

If you wish to proceed without additional content, please note that the optimization score will reflect this and will not be able to go as high.


Do I Publish Additional Content Before or After Optimization?

All content should be published on the site before optimization begins, as publishing afterwards could inadvertently remove any optimizations made.

If your word count is low or the copy is not finalized, we recommend waiting for content production. If you wish to proceed with additional content, please place an order for content writing from the shop and let us know your order number for this service in the item notes.

We will pause optimization until the content has been delivered and published on-site, then resume optimization work.


How Much Should I Order?

Order the length of your content, otherwise we will only optimize the length ordered on page top-to-bottom.

If you aren’t certain what the length of your content is, copy the page into a word document or Google doc to see the total length. This should exclude any side bar, nav bar, or footer content.


How Do I Know if the Optimizations Are Good?

Page Optimizer Pro provides us with an optimization score that estimates how well ‘optimized’ the content is based on the parameters pulled.

Because it is a third-party tool, this is not perfectly aligned with Google’s algorithm, and does not take into consideration any of the other ranking factors.

Furthermore, the tool has very specific factors that it looks at to determine this score, and this can be finicky at times, not registering changes in the right places.

Our team manually performs edits to provide an additional buffer of human judgment regarding the content’s readability.

This means that we are not aiming for a 100% optimization score from the tool, however, we often see content perform better in ranking and user metrics once optimized to around 85% or above.

The true test of whether the content optimization is good is how your page performs in the rankings or user metrics after edits have been made.

Please note that it may take a week or two for Google to cache the updates, and any differences in backlinking or social sharing may affect your results.

Additional information

Service Type

Digital Delivery (Word Document)


US English

Lead Time

Up to 2 Weeks (14 Days)


Our team uses Page Optimizer Pro as a tool assistant to pull information, however, edits are performed 100% manually to retain your content’s human touch. Edits will not include additional copywriting services if your page does not meet the recommended word count.


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