Case Study:

Small Medicare Insurance Firm Amplifies Organic Traffic Ten Times Over and is ROI-Positive in Just Three Months

Incognito Logic helped this independent national insurance broker that specializes in helping Americans make the right decisions on Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage.

The client provides a valuable service that has a direct and positive effect on people’s quality of life – all at no cost to the individual.

Background on Client

As a small company, the client is known for personal service and genuine care.

Though many people across the country would value its service, it had trouble gaining organic SEO traction.

Before working with Incognito Logic, the company’s website saw fewer than 10 unique visitors per month.

The Solution

This client needed more organic (unpaid) traffic. Before working with us, most of its existing traffic of fewer than 10 unique visitors per month came through word-of-mouth. If they wanted to capture more online business and expand their reach, the owners knew they needed to adjust their internet strategy.

But the company owners are insurance professionals, not SEO experts. To ensure a positive outcome, they needed to partner with an experienced, trustworthy company that would make their life easier – not more complicated.

They also knew there was a potential to spend a lot of their budget on something that would not deliver on their key performance indicators.

Like many other business owners, they knew a little bit about SEO but didn’t really have a grasp on current trends and algorithms. Partnering with Incognito Logic allowed the owners to focus on what they do for others while we handled the technical SEO work behind the scenes.

We approached the job methodically. We first addressed content on the website, which is always the most critical ranking factor.

“SEO is like an open-book exam. If we want to find out how to rank for a given search query, we just type that query into Google search.

Google then happily shows us its favorite websites in an effort to answer that question. We then analyze the data from Google search results for each query to plan a path forward and outrank competing sites.”

Destynnie Berard

SEO is about having comprehensive content; content that answers the searcher’s queries and is consistent with what Google’s algorithm is looking for.

In our experience, Google looks for precisely the same thing as the searcher – a relevant answer to their questions. This is what we endeavor to provide.

Once we had completed our research, we provided the owners with direction in terms of what search queries to target, what kind of content to write for those search queries, and what subtopics to cover.

They provided us with updated content, which we then edited to align more closely with Google’s algorithms.

The Results

We began working with this client in June 2019. By September 2019, the company was ROI-positive for our SEO services based on new business from organic search traffic.

Months of Work


Monthly Visitors


Top 5 Keywords


Traffic Value

The company is now seeing a return on investment of 10 times—and growing—based on new business generated purely from organic search engine results.

Its traffic in June 2019 was fewer than 10 daily visitors. Now it receives, on average, 75 to 100 daily visitors who are not only ready to buy but who appreciate what it has to offer.

Our efforts, together with their commitment to helping others, has proven to be a winning combination.

Their bottom line continues to grow as does their family of happy, satisfied customers whose lives are better for finding them.

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“Elliot is very good at SEO. I was very happy to get a DETAILED report of how my website is performing and what I can do next to improve. His content planners exactly point out what the people are searching for, so we can design valuable content for people.

Without Elliot, I didn’t know what to do next. However, Elliot MAPPED out literally EVERYTHING for me. “

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