How Local Online Marketing Helps Your Bottom Line and Community

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"If you have a local business, utilizing local digital marketing can help you reach more potential customers, boost your revenue, and even create new jobs for your community."
by Shelby Dennis

As a local business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From engaging with your community to managing your business revenue and everything in between, you have a seemingly infinite number of hats to wear at any given moment. Of course, this also includes handling your marketing.

While local businesses have traditionally used mainly offline advertising, recent years have seen a huge uptick in local online marketing campaigns. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll understand online marketing as it relates to local businesses and the huge benefits you can reap.



What is Local Online Marketing?

Local online marketing, also known as local digital marketing, is when you use web-based/internet channels to distribute messaging about your services, products, or branding to potential customers in your local area.

Though eCommerce giants have leveraged the power of online marketing for years, local businesses can also see huge benefits from a targeted and effective strategy.


Why Turn to Local Digital Marketing?

If you have a local business, utilizing local digital marketing can help you reach more potential customers, boost your revenue, and even create new jobs for your community.

According to Forbes, 65% of customers search online before setting foot inside your store. (1) They may be researching your company’s mission/values, your reviews, your pricing, and more. Today, people expect to find all of this information readily available on your website. Without it, you’re all but guaranteeing a sale for your competitors.

Below are some ways that you can take advantage of local marketing even on the world-wide web:


1. Build a Great Website

A great website does more for you than simply level the playing field. You see, 97% of users find local businesses via a Google search. And 70% of those people will visit your physical location if they like what they see online.

Your website acts as a net to capture attention no matter how a potential customer hears about you. Whether they start with your business Facebook page, a marketing email, or a YouTube video, you want to funnel all of this traffic to your website.

Consumers today make their buying decisions based not only on price, but on your company’s values and mission too. When you invest in a great website, a reader can learn about your company and start to build a connection with your brand.


2. Optimize for Local Search

Once you have a website, you can optimize your local online marketing for your location. The easier it is for potential customers to find information about your business, the more likely they are to become a paying customer.

Optimizing for local searches gives you all the benefits of offline marketing with none of the disadvantages. You’re able to get the community’s attention without wasting any of your marketing budget on people in other locations. With online marketing, you can also measure the results in many different ways and adjust accordingly, whereas it’s hard to measure the effectiveness of offline campaigns.


Local Matters

You already know that your local landscape matters—it’s hard to be a local business owner without this point-of-view.

At Incognito Logic, our team takes pride in having an active hand in our local community of Marlborough and the Central Massachusetts region as a whole. We understand how crucial it is to support local businesses in order to create a thriving community culture.

If you aren’t sure where to start, the safest way to move forward is by hiring an agency that specializes in local digital marketing. With a team of experienced and passionate experts on your side, your business will flourish in the community.

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Shelby Dennis

Shelby Dennis


Shelby initially became known for using her management experience from several very unique niches to solve her clients’ challenges in new and creative ways. As the daughter of two successful small business owners, she knows the value of staying relevant and constantly evolving in an ever-changing landscape.