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Your brand message helps engage your audience in what they truly care about, but without showing up in their feed, they’ll never know you were there.


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Social Profile Optimization

A well-optimized social media profile not only helps your customers find relevant and up-to-date information about your business, but it can also increase clickthrough rate as the profile becomes more visually appealing.

What If I Don't Agree with a Recommendation?

We make suggestions based on Conversion Rate Optimization best practices, as well as best practices for the specific platform’s algorithms.

Ultimately, your social profile represents your business. If you disagree with a recommendation, it does not need to be implemented; however, this may affect conversion and post reach.

Does Your Team Implement the Changes?

Our basic deliverable is an actionable list of changes for your team to make, but we can absolutely implement the changes if needed. This will require backend access to the social profiles.

Daily Activity

It pays to be active on social media. Our team can help you plan and post ahead of scheduling, helping you achieve a steady level of daily activity and interaction with your followers.

Will You Interact With Followers?

We don’t interact with followers in a standard engagement, as we typically recommend a brand representative from within your company responds to comments and messages. If desired, however, we can interact with followers as the platform allows.

What If I Need Time-Sensitive Posts?

Scheduling posts ahead of time allows you to stay on top of your follower’s feed. If you need a time-sensitive post uploaded, such as an offer or giveaway that was not known about during the planning phase, we can post it according to the best post times.

Engagement Monitoring

Connecting with your audience in a meaningful way takes time, dedication, and a careful balance with what the algorithm is rewarding.

By measuring how your social engagement changes, you can identify what your audience is responding best to, and learn what they want to see more of.

Do You Monitor Engagement on All Profiles?

We monitor target profiles for the engagement. For example, if Twitter is your business’ most relevant social media platform, we’ll track Twitter engagement metrics.

If your brand has multiple focus channels, we can track engagement metrics across each.

How Often Will I Receive an Engagement Report?

We typically provide engagement reports on a monthly basis, but we can provide it on a bi-weekly basis as well.

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